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Hello, I'm Clay - A videographer and editor based in Portland, Oregon. I have over six years of experience professionally filming and editing videos. I was drawn to videography from as early an age as I can remember!   


My educational background is in film and marketing. I specialize in social media content strategy for brands looking to strengthen their customer relationships and increase sales through the visual medium. I have a keen eye for current media trends and tailor my content accordingly.

I enjoy working with private clients from all walks of life. I have had the pleasure of capturing special moments, such as couple videos and proposals. I also enjoy creating trendy influencer content and fashion edits.


In the commercial realm, I have filmed and produced videos for a variety of industries including live events, construction, automotive, and law. I welcome any and all video requests!

In my free time, I can be found hanging out with my three rescue dogs and enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. 

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